Czech Court Abolished the Wearing Of Respirators Everywhere

An order from the Ministry of Health requiring the use of respiratory protection equipment indoors or on public transportation was overturned by the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC). The court gave the Ministry of Health three days to correct the steps in order to comply with the law. The resort has yet to respond to the decision.

The judgement from Tuesday will take effect on the third day after it is issued. When it is delivered to the Ministry of Health, this will happen.

The Supreme Administrative Court “concluded that the challenged emergency measure was unreviewable,” according to the ruling, which eliminates the requirement that employees wear respirators in stores, restaurants, medical facilities, schools, theaters, galleries, and public transportation.

“The court is aware that it is undesirable for the given obligation not to be set even for very risky situations for a certain period of time at all. Unfortunately, the ministry is gradually pushing the court to this solution if, despite repeated specific allegations, the court is unable to rectify the shortcomings. Therefore, such a procedure cannot be ruled out in the future, as the court will have no other way to persuade the ministry to respect the clearly expressed legal opinion, “Mikeš raised his warning finger.