Prague to Build Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles with European Funds

Prague plans to use European funds and other subsidies to finance the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles. The city is working with the Operátor ICT company to develop and implement the project. The goal is to install charging stations throughout the city to support the growing number of electric vehicles.

The city has allocated up to 500 million CZK for the project and expects European funds to cover up to 85% of the investment costs. The plan is to build the charging infrastructure through a concession to operate in public spaces.

The project is part of an effort by Prague to promote electric mobility by providing accessible and high-quality infrastructure for charging. The city plans to install the first charging stations next year.

Prague’s Electric Vehicle Future

Prague is preparing for a future where electric vehicles will be the norm. According to estimates, up to 180,000 electric vehicles could be on the city’s roads by 2030. The city is committed to supporting this transition by providing the necessary infrastructure for charging.

The project to build charging stations for electric vehicles is part of a more significant effort by the city to promote sustainable transportation and reduce carbon emissions. The ultimate goal is to create a cleaner and more livable city for all residents.

Financing and Implementation

The city is seeking to finance the project through a combination of European funds and other subsidies. The Operátor ICT company is responsible for implementing the project, which includes installing and operating the charging infrastructure.

The city is currently preparing the documentation for a tender for the concession. The concession will be awarded to a company that will be responsible for the installation and operation of the charging stations.