Czech Ministry Advises Citizens to Leave Iran Amid Rising Tensions

The Czech Foreign Ministry has urged its citizens to refrain from traveling to Iran due to the deteriorating security situation in the region. The ministry has also called for those currently in Iran to leave the country as soon as possible. This decision comes amid fears that Iran might retaliate against Israel following the bombing of an Iranian consulate in Damascus, which could potentially escalate to further reactions from the Jewish state.

In recent times, the Czech Foreign Ministry has recorded a significant number of instances where EU citizens were detained, interrogated, and, in some cases, even prosecuted based on trumped-up suspicions or allegations. According to the Ministry’s assessment, the risk of similar incidents remains significant and applies to Czech citizens.

The Ministry has advised citizens to avoid places where large crowds gather. They have also recommended refraining from capturing images of protests, security forces, or government buildings. In emergencies, Czech citizens can contact the Czech Embassy in Tehran or use the emergency hotline +989128174178.

In early April, Israel launched an attack on the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus, resulting in the death of two generals and five other officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Iran has been a long-term supporter of the Palestinian terrorist movement Hamas, against which Israel is currently conducting operations in the Gaza Strip.

The United States predicts that Iran might carry out an attack against Israel in retaliation for the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus. This could potentially trigger further reactions from the Jewish state.