Czech Railways will raise fares by 15%

Rail tickets will become 15 percent more expensive from December 11th. Such an increase is planned by the state carrier České dráhy for kilometer fares and by the Ministry of Transport for the Single Journey Tariff (SJT) One Ticket system. Single tickets can be used on almost all trains in the Czech Republic, regardless of the carrier, a spokesman for the railways and the ministry said.

“There will be a price change in the SJT tariff, valid on all services operated under public service obligation and on most commercial services. Passengers on this tariff will pay an average of 15 percent more from December 11th,” transport ministry spokesman František Jemelka said, recalling that the inflation rate is now 18 percent.

In addition, the essential Czech Railways mileage price list for domestic transport will increase by 15% on average.” The price adjustment to this extent will be reflected in all offers that are based on the kilometric tariff, such as Flexi primary tickets, Line tickets, and Line tickets region,” added Petr Št’ahlavský, spokesman for the Czech Railways.

For example, the price of a ČD ticket for a distance of ten kilometers will rise by four crowns to CZK 31, a ticket for 45 kilometers by CZK 12, and a ticket for a distance of 100 kilometers will rise by CZK 25 to CZK 188.

However, the price increase will be more significant for some special tickets or fees.

“Moreover, they reflect cumulative inflation over a longer period, during which their prices were not adjusted. In some cases, these amounts have not been valorized since 2010, i.e., for 12 years,” Šťáhlavský explained the higher price increase.

For example, network ticket prices will rise by 12 to 29 percent, from CZK 10 for regional tickets to CZK 200 for network-wide variants. Several-day holiday tickets will even go up by about half.

The price of the seven-day Summer Ticket will rise from CZK 890 to CZK 1,390, and the cost of the 14-day variant from CZK 1,290 to CZK 1,990.

The price of customer applications on the In Karta dráh will increase by CZK 60 for the three-month IN 25 and by CZK 2,000 for the year-round network IN 100, for example. Currently, the three-month IN 25 costs CZK 190, and the IN 100 costs CZK 19,990.