Prague will launch a new trolleybus line in the spring

SOR Libchavy

The City of Prague intends to launch a new trolleybus line, number 58, from Palmovka through Čakovice to Miškovice in the spring. The electrified service will replace the current bus line 140. The total cost is estimated at CZK 504.4 million.

“The Prague City Transport Company (DPP) has tendered 15 new SOR TNS 18 articulated trolleybuses for line 58. The DPP should receive all the vehicles in spring next year when it will start full operation of the trolleybuses on the new line,” Ondřej Chlupáček, who is assistant to Prague’s transport councilor Adam Scheinherr, said.

The winner of the public tender, which the transport company announced in 2021, was the company SOR Libchavy with the vehicle SOR TNS 18 and electric equipment from the company Cegelec.

“Bus line 140 will thus be changed into trolleybus line 58. Instead of diesel articulated buses, only articulated trolleybuses will be dispatched on it. The total value of this contract is CZK 220.4 million,” added Chlupáček.

At the same time, he referred to the fact that the already announced cost of CZK 284 million has been earmarked for the construction of infrastructure for the trolleybus line itself.

The trial operation on the section of the line between Letňany and Čakovice began on Saturday. Still, it is currently only available on weekends, with a trolleybus on a long-term loan from Hradec Králové.