Czech Republic Will Experience Its First Tropical Days, It Will Be Up To 34 Degrees

Temperatures in the Czech Republic will rise to 34 degrees in the upcoming week, meteorologists announced today.

“The weather in our country will be influenced by the pressure over Central Europe, which will slowly advance to the east. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather will be partly influenced by a weak cold front from the northwest. Between the pressure high over eastern Europe and the low pressure ridge over western Europe, very warm air will flow towards us from the south. Towards the end of the period, an undulating cold front will move from western to central Europe and will affect the weather in our area,” meteorologists said today.


Clear to partly cloudy. Overnight lows of 9 to 5 °C. Daytime highs 22 to 26 °C, around 20 °C in the north-east, around 18 °C at 1000 m in the mountains, around 14 °C in the Jeseníky and Beskydy mountains.


Clear to partly cloudy, partly cloudy during the day. Lowest night-time temperatures 12 to 8 °C. Daytime highs 25 to 29 °C. Light variable or northerly winds up to 4 m/s.


Mostly partly cloudy, with occasional showers in the east with a temporary increase in cloud cover. Gradually decreasing cloud to clear towards evening. Lowest night-time temperatures 15 to 11 °C. Maximum daytime temperatures 26 to 30 °C. Light, variable, easterly winds 1 to 4 m/s during the day.


Clear. Overnight lows 15 to 11 °C. Daytime highs 29 to 33 °C, around 28 °C in the northeast.


Clear to partly cloudy, with occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening in western Bohemia with a temporary increase in cloudiness. Lowest night-time temperatures 17 to 13 °C. Maximum daytime temperatures 30 to 34 °C. Southeast wind 2 to 6 m/s.

Saturday to Monday

Partly cloudy, and showers or thunderstorms in most areas. Overnight lows of 18 to 13 °C. Daytime highs 30 to 34 °C.