In Divorce court, Shocking Details About Alza’s Billionaire Owner Were Revealed. “He Used a Spray Can to Recolor Shoes to Save Money”

Lidija Zavoralová testified in court about her living situation with billionaire Ales Zavoral, owner of the well-known Alza e-shop. She ended up losing all four of her children after divorcing her husband. She wants custody of them back and is also demanding 350,000 crowns in child support. She decided to accomplish this by washing a large amount of dirty laundry. covered the proceedings of the court hearing.

“They took my children away from me and let me see them for only four hours a week because they supposedly have a better living situation with their father,” Zavoralová testified in court. The billionaire portrayed his ex-wife as a drug addict and alcoholic incapable of caring for the children. She stated that this was not true, as evidenced by all of the tests she had taken.

“He encouraged her to buy luxury clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and financed her expensive hobbies,” Zavoralova’s lawyer said, adding that the woman wanted to donate to charity but was forced to buy all sorts of expensive “nonsense.” “.

In the end, she was subjected to an even harsher regimen. Ales Zavoral decided that she was purchasing nonsense food, such as organic oranges. As a result, Lidija had to get approval for all of her purchases.

In her testimony, Zavoralova also stated that her husband did not provide luxuries for her children. “We had expensive food at the restaurant, but the children had to settle for pizza,” the billionaire’s wife explained. Then, when she and the kids went out by themselves, they had a feast. Surprisingly, the man saved on things like shoes. “He took a spray can and recolored them from pink to blue to save money and avoid having to buy new ones.”

In court, Ale Zavoral’s attitude toward his employees was also mentioned. He tries to portray himself as someone with a middle-class income. That is why he commutes almost every day to work. “In my client’s opinion, this is to satisfy his needs, as he does not want to reflect the demands of his subordinates for a wage increase,” Zavoral’s lawyer explained.

Lidija Zavoralova stated that she did not want anything from her husband at first and desired a peaceful divorce, but this took a toll after her children were taken away from her. She received nothing from the divorce because the couple had a prenuptial agreement and divided their assets. As a result, her only hope is to obtain alimony.