Czech universities are losing profits, rectors are сalling to return full-time education

Ksenia Zhukova @ksuzhuikova

Losses due to the coronavirus pandemic amount to 1.25 billion Czech crowns, which leaves universities with no regular income. Before the pandemic, revenue came from applied research, fees for language learning programs, and online learning equipment. Universities are also losing income from canteens and dormitories. 

In Pardubice, rectors of universities are demanding at least a partial renewal of practical and contact education. So, students in the last years of the university education can complete their studies on time and with high quality standards. They want regular classes to resume no later than April 26th.

At universities where education is limited, staff and students have been tested for a long time.   The situation is completely controlled from the point of view of the epidemic. According to the rectors, the state should also place university professors in priority groups for vaccination.

Otherwise, the closure of universities for more than a year will cause great harm to the future of the Czech economy and youth development.