Czechs are worried about expensive energy and are already looking for energy-saving solutions, a survey shows

The Czechs’ concerns about rising prices are growing. Since April, nine out of ten have seen rising prices for food and housing costs, including energy. A quarter of households have already had to cut back on their spending. Eight out of ten households plan to cut back if energy prices rise further. The Ipsos survey showed this.

“Rising energy, heating, fuel, and food prices are the main concerns of Czech consumers, worrying 7 out of 10 Czechs,” the survey says.

Compared to last year, 91 percent of households felt the increase in food prices, while only one percent less perceived a rise in housing costs, including energy. Almost eight out of ten families noticed a rise in transport costs.

Most households have seen their energy bills increase in recent months.

A quarter of them have already responded by significantly reducing their spending, while another third have had to cut back on at least some of their spending, the survey showed.

At the same time, 44 percent of households haven’t had to make any cuts yet.

“Households have seen the cost of living rise and are aware that these costs will continue to rise. They are, therefore, already trying to find cost-saving solutions. In the event of a further significant increase in energy bills, 8 out of 10 households plan to save even more on energy,” said Michal Straka, an analyst at Ipsos.

In the case of specific savings, people would most often resort to lowering the temperature in their whole household. This option would be chosen by up to 65 percent of households.

A further 59 percent would turn down the temperature in unused rooms or during the night, and 56 percent would look at the ideal temperature setting for the fridge and reduce the temperature of the heated water.

ČEZ is planning energy advice

Due to rising prices, the survey also showed that people would welcome energy-saving tips directly from their suppliers, the government, or independent advice agencies.

“Providing quality energy advice to our customers is becoming one of our important tasks for this year, and the results of the Ipsos survey confirm this,” said Tomáš Kadlec, CEO of supplier ČEZ Prodej.

“Customers are already turning to us for tips on which measures have the greatest effect. We will now train all our operators at call centers and branches so that we can provide this advice in the best possible way,” he added.