Actor Jan Vondráček will announce the stops on Prague public transport


The actor Jan Vondráček will announce the stops on Prague trams and buses. The public decided this in a poll organized by the Prague Transport Company. People could choose from two female and two male votes.

Vondráček said in exaggeration that he felt like after the presidential election. “Only I didn’t have to go around the republic in a caravan. I want to thank everyone who voted for me and for the opportunity I got. Those who didn’t vote for me, but they don’t have to shut up, I will try to be a good voice for everyone,” the actor was quoted.

Vondracek will replace the voice of radio announcer Dagmar Hazdrová, who has been announcing for the DPP for the past few decades and, at the age of 80, has decided to pass the imaginary baton on.

200,013 people voted in the poll. Vondráček received 124,316 votes.

Vondráček will have the task of coaxing not only the operational announcements but also the names of about ten thousand stops on public transport lines and on suburban lines involved in the Prague integrated transport system.

“The most important factor is that the operating announcements are well understood in the normal operation of public transport. And this is in any condition, i.e., in a vehicle full of passengers, when starting, braking or at full speed, when driving on various surfaces of Prague roads, when there are many other sounds or vibrations of technological parts of transport vehicles,” described the criteria for selecting the four finalists Jan Barchánek, Head of the Bus Operations Unit of the DPP.

The transport company could deploy the first recordings of Vondráček’s announcements on trams in late September and early October.

Vondráček is a long-standing member of the ensemble of the Dlouhá Theatre, and audiences may also know him from films, TV series, radio plays, and dubbing.