Czechs have returned to buying airline tickets

Demand for tickets has risen significantly, with some sellers reporting interest as high as in the days before the pandemic. According to the portal, there was 40% more interest in airline tickets in January than the previous year’s same month.

There will be more routes

Some Central and South American countries have bet on easier entry without significant restrictions for tourists in the event of a pandemic. According to the portal’s data, Czechs have been traveling in large numbers in recent months, primarily to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Traditionally, Dubai and Egypt have been hot destinations. This month, tickets to Thailand, which since February has abolished the obligation for vaccinated people to undergo a quarantine of several days upon arrival, have also sold well.

The same effect was caused by the relaxed rules for tourists to the US since November and maybe the case in the UK, which eased conditions for travelers on February 11. London has lifted the requirement for vaccinees to test upon arrival, and unvaccinated people no longer have to wait in isolation for a confirmatory negative test in Britain.

However, judging by sales dynamics, they are expected to grow briskly in the coming weeks and months. Comparing the first half of February to the first half of January, demand is 30 percent. Currently, direct flights from Prague can be taken to more than 80 destinations. However, more will be added gradually.