Fiala: The government is ready for all scenarios in Ukraine

The government is prepared for all development scenarios in Ukraine, including the interruption of energy supplies. Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said this in a video posted on social media on Saturday. According to him, the solution to the situation is not war but not ill-considered concessions.

The essential condition for deterring Russia from aggression is unity and an uncompromising attitude. According to Fiala, a possible military conflict would undoubtedly have repercussions for the Czech Republic.

He noted that no one wants such a development. That is why the government is trying at the international level to have Europe resolve the critical situation diplomatically and peacefully. Fiala also stressed the need for unity and firmness on matters of principle.

The Prime Minister also pointed to the explosion of ammunition depots in Vrbětice and the “disinformation wars,” which he said Russia was trying to “undermine the belonging of our citizens” and their belonging to the Czech democratic state.

Western countries, he said, have a wide range of tools to dissuade Russia or other states from military aggression. He described unity and an uncompromising stance on the fundamental values of international law as an essential condition.

Earlier in the night, Fiala said that if Russia decides to invade Ukraine, the West is ready to respond together and in unity shortly after US President Joe Biden said that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had already decided to invade Ukraine.