Delivery Hero’s brand “Dáme jídlo” disappears from the Czech market

Wikimedia Commons

Delivery Hero is abandoning the Dáme jídlo brand. The service will continue to operate in the market but will now operate under the name Foodora in nine European markets. After eleven years, the oldest delivery platform connecting restaurants and other retailers with customers in the Czech market, Dáme jídlo, will disappear as a brand.

The platform will now operate under a new logo and name – Foodora. This is a brand that is currently known mainly to customers in Scandinavia.

“It’s not easy; the Dáme jídlo brand has been around for a long time; practically every Czech knows it, and people love it. But we see that it needs a change,” said Adam Kolesa, the director of Dáme jídlo, commenting on the decision of the parent company Delivery Hero.

The Dáme jídlo brand will end in April. “The main change should come by April 17,” said Adam Kolesa, CEO. At the same time, applications in Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria will also be renamed.

Dáme jídlo was founded in August 2012 by Tomáš Čupr, the current owner of the competing platform In 2014, it became part of the German group Delivery Hero.

Since 2019, Delivery Hero SE has been the company’s sole owner. People on smartphones will first notice changes. “We want to focus on the quality of our services, such as delivery speed, expand delivery zones, and introduce subscriptions,” the company’s director added.