Staying Happy and Productive at Work: Insights from a New Study

According to a survey on employment in the Czech Republic conducted by IPSOS for the Seznam Zprávy project Jak se žije v Česku, people over 65 and those aged between 35 and 44 are the most satisfied with their jobs.

Jakub Malý, the director of the research agency IPSOS, stated that they are searching for stories, interesting facts, and data trends, adding that most employed people are satisfied with their work, especially the older ones. However, Malý sees major issues with flexible and part-time contracts, which are scarce.

Regarding the relatively low unemployment rate in the Czech Republic, which is just below four percent, Malý stated that while the indicator is standard in international comparison, there are still groups of people threatened by unemployment and its secondary effects. It is necessary to examine unemployment in more detail, such as through individual regions, age, gender, education levels, and income.

Furthermore, it is necessary to ask why some people do not have the opportunity or desire to participate in the job market, whether we are working with human motivation correctly, and whether we are providing the right stimuli and trying to move people in some way. The survey’s “hard data” indicates that we have a similar number of job vacancies and unemployed people, but this does not mean that there is an intersection or that the pieces fit together. Often, people lack sufficient qualifications or job availability.

Therefore, we must acknowledge that we are not accustomed to moving for work compared to some Western job markets, and we need to examine the issue of job availability and qualifications in more detail.