Don’t Forget Trip Cancellation Insurance When Planning Your Next Vacation

As summer approaches, many Czechs are already planning their international vacations, with a significant increase in bookings compared to last year. Insurance policies are crucial when planning a trip, and travel insurance should be a given. However, many overlook the benefits of trip cancellation insurance, which can protect against unforeseen events that prevent you from traveling.

According to Eduarda Hekšová, the director of the consumer organization dTest, insurance companies have significant differences regarding the scope of exclusions and insurance coverage. Therefore, it is essential to shop around and check the limits of individual policies before committing.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that while buying a tour, you may encounter situations where travel insurance cannot be removed during the ordering process. However, this is illegal, as travel insurance is not mandatory when purchasing a tour, and customers are free to choose their preferred insurance provider.

Stornos or cancellation fees can be substantial and can be as high as the total cost of the vacation. Travel agencies, airlines, or accommodation providers charge these fees to compensate for the loss of income. With many people booking holidays in advance, there is always a risk of being unable to go on vacation due to unforeseen events. Therefore, it is wise to consider taking out a trip cancellation policy that can cover you in such situations.