Prague Ranks Third Among Top Destinations for British Backpackers in 2023

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has been ranked as the third-best destination for British backpackers in 2023, according to a study conducted by Outdoor gear specialists Cotswold Outdoor. The report analyzed over 80 capital cities worldwide, considering factors such as flight prices, public transport, groceries, hostels, crime rates, mobile internet speeds, and free attractions available.

The study reveals that Prague ranks highly for its affordability and safety, with one-way flights as cheap as £15 and over 97 couch surf hosts available in the city. Prague also boasts 336 hostels, with an average cost of £26 per night, making it an affordable destination for backpackers. Additionally, Prague ranks as the 11th safest city in the study, offering over 374 free tourist attractions for visitors to explore.

While Prague ranks highly in several areas, the study also identifies areas where it falls short. For instance, the city scores poorly for its average public transport and basic groceries costs, charging an average of £1 per trip and £17.50 per primary grocery shop. Prague’s mobile internet speeds are also below average, with an average speed of around 58mbps.

Comparatively, Budapest ranks first, followed by Warsaw, Lisbon, Madrid, and Bucharest, tying for fifth place. Budapest offers one-way flights as low as £10 and ranks high for affordable hostels, free tourist attractions, and low-cost public transport. The city also ranks as the 33rd safest capital city, and mobile internet speeds average around 60mbps.

Furthermore, the study identified the cheapest and most expensive cities for budget travelers and glam packers. Montenegro’s Podgorica, Rabat in Morocco, and Tirana in Albania were identified as the cheapest destinations, with package prices as low as £55. Meanwhile, Wellington, Canberra, and Buenos Aires were identified as the costliest destinations, with package prices ranging from £551 to £800.

Regarding accommodation, hostels offer budget-conscious travelers an affordable alternative to hotels. Bangkok, Thailand, offers the most extensive selection of hostels, with 992 available. In contrast, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Islamabad, Pakistan, offer the most affordable hostels, with an average one-night stay costing just under £6. If you’re looking for more luxurious hostels, Reykjavik, Bern, and Dublin are the costliest, with an average hostel stay cost of £44+ per night.

Finally, the study offers advice on the best ways to get around and explore a new city. Using public transport is the most inexpensive method of exploring a new city, and Colombo in Sri Lanka and Tashkent in Uzbekistan offer the cheapest average public transport trips. Rome, Paris, and Tokyo are the best cities for free tourist attractions, each offering over 500 free attractions.