Drivers across the Czech Republic are battling snow flurries

Miroslav Homola

Meteorologists’ warning of heavy snowfall has come true. It has been snowing heavily across the Czech Republic since early this morning, and the snowfall is complicating the situation, especially for drivers. The situation is worst in southern Moravia, where 15 to 20 cm of snow is forecast to fall, and south Bohemia. Road workers have deployed all the equipment at their disposal. In the South Bohemian Region, for example, 170 vehicles.

The heaviest snowfall in the South Moravian Region is in the Znojmo region. “The snowfall is intensifying throughout the region. All plows and gritting are going out on the roads. Due to the speed and strength of the snowfall, it is necessary to count on local impassability and waiting for the snow to be removed from the road,” local road engineers said at around 05:32.

Public transport buses in Brno and drivers on the roads in the region had difficulties in the morning. Heavy snowfall with heavy traffic means long queues between Lipovka and Cerna Hora in Blansko. The delays are already counted in tens of minutes.