The world’s largest pedestrian suspension bridge will be built in Dolní Morava

Photo:Drahoslav Ramík, ČTK

The Dolní Morava Tourist Center is expanding its attractions. In addition to the popular Trail in the Clouds, Sky Walk, mammoth roller coaster, and other attractions, the resort builds a unique pedestrian suspension bridge over the Mlýnský Potok valley. This will surpass the current longest bridge of this type in Portugal.

The unique 730-meter long and 95-meter high bridge will start from the Slamník mountain ridge, near the Trail in the Clouds, spanning the valley of Mlýnský Potok and ending at the Chlum ridge. It is called Sky Bridge 721. Hikers will be able to board it at an altitude of 1125 meters.

The breathtaking bridge will open to the public in spring 2022. It will be the longest of its kind in the world. Until now, the world’s longest suspension bridge for pedestrians has been located near the Portuguese town of Arouca. It measures 516 meters and hangs 176 meters above the ground.

Dolní Morava is the most famous mountain resort in the Pardubice region, attracting approximately 750,000 visitors every year. While the new suspension bridge will eventually bring more tourists to the area, the local population agrees that the site will suffer from overcrowding. Naturalists also have reservations about completing the new bridge that could result in a possible disturbance of the mountain’s ecosystem.

Following the Trail’s opening in the Clouds in 2015, some of the local inhabitants of the area had already been complaining about an increasing number of people and traffic.