Electric Scooters in Prague Are Getting a Speed Limit


On pavements where electric scooters can ride, the Prague City Council intends to limit the speed of bicycles and electric scooters to less than the present limit of 20 km per hour. This will necessitate a change in the Road Traffic Act. 

Prague’s city councilors agreed that the amendment would be prepared and submitted to the House of Commons today. Prague city officials have long chastised electric scooters for endangering pedestrians. They also dislike the fact that they are placed in inconvenient places.

Opposition councilor Tomáš Portlík (ODS) and deputy mayor for transportation Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě) put forward the plan. The deputies indicated that in the case of pedestrian zones and pavements, the 20 km/h restriction may be too high and that the city will present the idea of lowering it via traffic signs. Bicycles, scooters, and other similar modes of transportation are prohibited by default on sidewalks, with just a few exceptions. The same can be said for pedestrian zones. 

The council also noted a draft memorandum on shared electric scooters and bicycle operators, which the city intends to discuss with the districts. The council was also given the mission of ensuring that city authorities do a better job of monitoring and enforcing existing restrictions. 

Local governments and locals have already criticized shared electric scooters, notably in the historic center. Lime was the first company to introduce them to the capital, touting them as a green method of transportation. 

On the other hand, local authorities point out that they are primarily utilized by visitors, who frequently ride or park inconsiderately. Segways, for example, have received similar criticism in the past, and the town was able to ban them thanks to a legal amendment.