Vojtěch: The Ministry Lost 17 Antiviral Measures Arguments

So far, the Ministry of Health has lost 17 lawsuits over unusual antiviral methods. According to Adam Vojtěch, the Ministry has won 65 cases, while the courts have halted the prosecution of another 35. 

“Statistically, the ministry has not lost the majority of the disputes,” Vojtěch added. The minister also stated that he had ordered an internal investigation into who decided on the measures and how they were evaluated for legality.

“I will be able to assess the true responsibility for the preparation of the specified emergency measures based on this,” he said. 

Karla Maříková (SPD) and Věra Kovářová (STAN) questioned Vojtěch regarding the limits’ validity. According to the minister, judges are now deciding with greater rigor than in the past. He highlighted other decisions questioning the ministry’s authority to close schools as an example. 

According to available information, litigation for compensation for illegal measures totaling several billion crowns is on the way, according to Kovářová. The order of magnitude was corroborated by Vojtěch, although he lacked an up-to-date perspective.

Nevertheless, the minister stated that the state could not afford to pay for everything sought and that the courts should make the decision.