Energy suppliers caused confusion among clients by canceling existing contracts

Thousands of families are turning to large energy companies to switch them from their current providers. The latter are canceling their existing electricity supply contracts and proposing new ones at far higher costs. Hundreds of consumers have complained to the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) about fixed-price services being terminated prematurely.

“Consumers, understandably, are confused. They perceived the product as a guarantee of a constant price for the whole next year, sometimes for a more extended period. Within two months of signing, however, the supplier calls them and convinces them that they must switch to another price list, “said Markéta Zemanová, a member of the ERO Board.

Many customers want to switch to another supplier after a similar experience but fear that they will have to pay a fine. However, according to ERO spokesman Michal Kebort, this is not the case.

“According to the legislation, the supplier must notify the customer of a price rise or a change in contractual terms at least 30 days before the changes take effect.” In such a scenario, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty, regardless of whether it was a fixed-term or indefinite-term contract.