In the Czech Republic, Facebook technical problems lasted almost one hour

Search Engine Journal

Following Monday’s major shutdown, Facebook had another global service disruption, although this time, it only lasted an hour. Users in Central Europe have also reported issues with Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

On Thursday, shortly after 6 p.m  in the Czech Republic, users began reporting problems with Facebook availability. Hundreds of international social media users complained about the same difficulties as early as Thursday afternoon, according to, which tracks outages of the most well-known servers.

Most users complained that their Facebook would not start at all. Some people did try to access the site. However, it was extremely slow. Instagram users experienced the same issues, with chat applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger having availability problems simultaneously with Facebook, but only in Central Europe.

Since Facebook’s founding in 2008, Monday’s shutdown is considered to be the worst. As early as Monday, all of the services mentioned encountered availability issues. Around 17:00 CET, the first users began complaining about the services’ unavailability, but the problems were not resolved until the next day.

The services were down for nearly six hours because of a misconfiguration that prevented any device from connecting to the world’s largest social network’s servers via the internet. The shutdown was triggered by a command issued by its internal network during routine maintenance. Despite rumors that began circulating the web, the platform wasn’t hacked.