Expanding the Use of Bank Identity in the Czech Republic

The use of bank identity in the Czech Republic is expanding significantly. A bank identity tied to electronic banking allows users to access various services. One can apply for state photovoltaics or home insulation subsidies through the New Green Savings program and request dividend payouts from particular companies. A new development is the ability to submit applications for secondary schools and multi-year gymnasiums on behalf of children.

This year, for the first time, the requirement to submit applications in person for the admission process has been eliminated, as pointed out by the company Bank Identity, which banks operate. Starting February 1st, parents can send an electronic application via an internet application accessible through www.prihlaskynastredni.cz.

Furthermore, the bank identity can be used to apply to four universities and register at the National Library. It will also soon be possible to use it to access hospital patient portals and vote in apartment owners’ communities.

“Four million people have already used the bank identity in real terms,” said Marek Růžička, the company director. In fifteen million cases, they entered state administration systems such as the Citizen Portal, data boxes, or requests for social benefits. In four million cases, it was about corporate services.

People have used their identity to enter self-service stores, change mobile operators, energy suppliers, and GPs, or report damages to an insurance company. For the first time, it was also possible to thoroughly apply online for the payout of dividends from ČEZ and Kofola. This innovative use of bank identity is a significant step towards digitalization and convenience for Czech citizens.