It would be a Geriatric Park – President Pavel Indicates He May Not Run Again

Stanislava Benešová

In a recent public meeting in Stříbro, located in the Plzeň Region, President Petr Pavel hinted that he may not seek re-election. The discussion at the meeting centered around his potential candidacy for another term as the president.

President Pavel believes that a single five-year term is reasonably sufficient when performed at total capacity. He stated, “I think that one five-year term, when a person does it in full, is quite enough.” His remarks came as he concluded his Tuesday visit to the Plzeň Region with an evening debate with people in Stříbro.

He further stressed the need for fresh blood in the highest offices. He says, “It is necessary for fresh blood to always appear in the highest functions.” His observation comes from a point he saw somewhere, which compared the current high politics to a large senior park.

Pavel also expressed his reluctance to go through another election period. “I have had enough of one. I don’t want to go through it again,” he concluded. This wasn’t the first time he has spoken about his potential re-election. He expressed similar feelings last year in March in the Kecy and Politics podcast.

President Pavel will visit the Lintech company in Domažlice in the coming days. From there, he will proceed to the local high school. He is also scheduled to have lunch with the mayors and meet with the management of the Šumava National Park. He will conclude his official program in the Plzeň Region with a press briefing at 4 PM.