Expeditions with cars under three thousand crowns are circling the Czech Republic


On Saturday noon, ten cars with a purchase price of up to 3,000 crowns set off from the World of Skoda Museum near Čerčany in the Benešov region on a journey around the borders of the Czech Republic. Seventeen people are taking part in the ninth edition of the recession event, traveling in ten cars. During the week, they will travel 2,250 kilometers, said the event organizers, Janis Chadzopulos and Libor Kalina.

“Not a single car is in good condition because of the purchase price of up to 3000 crowns. But at the same time, they are not in bad condition so that they cannot drive on the road,” said Chadzopulos.

Among the cheapest cars is a yellow Felicia, which cost 1,000 crowns. Participants will be randomly tested for coronavirus during the event.

Travelers will also be treated to an accompanying program, including visits to auto-themed museums. “We will visit the museum in Nova Bystrica, and today we will meet a gentleman who repairs vintage cars,” Kalina said.

Individual crews have a maximum of CZK 1,000 to repair their cars. Should the repair exceed that amount, the team is finished. Crew members can then switch to another vehicle and complete the journey with the other participants. Ice-covered or snow-covered roads, as well as breakdowns, complicate the cars’ journey. Participants can expect to spend the night both under the roof and in their vehicles.