Famous Maker Faire Is Happening in Prague

The festival was supposed to take place in June, but the event was postponed until September.

The famous world festival Maker Faire, which brings together modern technology lovers, inventors, scientists, and young technology fans every year, will take place in Prague for the third time. The festival will feature more than 180 exhibitors. Last year, the festival could not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Maker Faire is a global celebration of maker achievements, featuring over a hundred interactive displays, master seminars, and engaging stories, as well as presentations of new interactive products. This is the world’s largest festival.

A world-famous sequence of events that began in 2006 with the editorial crew of San Francisco’s Make magazine. Festival Maker Faire has been held by many local organizations around the world. Many enthusiasts of creative work with current technology, 3D printing, electronics, and computers have gathered at the events. Today’s major festivals are held in San Francisco, New York, Vienna, Chemnitz, and Berlin. The festival and exposition will be held in Prague again this year. The festival will include over 200 Czech and foreign technology enthusiasts demonstrating a variety of intriguing gadgets and inventions.

Makers, creative persons, members of a nascent company, and owners of successful technological enterprises are all encouraged to attend.

The event will take place at Výstaviště from Saturday to Sunday 11 – 12.09.2021.

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/MFPrague