A Bus Crashed Into a Light Pole in Brno

Eleven people were injured in Brno on Tuesday night when a public transport bus crashed into a lighting pole. Three suffered serious injuries, said Michaela Bothová, a spokeswoman for South Moravian rescuers. The four-lane road was closed in both directions for four hours. It was cleared shortly before 3.30 am.

A bus collided with a lighting pole in Brno on Tuesday night, injuring eleven passengers. According to Michaela Bothová, a spokesperson for South Moravian rescuers, three people were seriously injured. For four hours, the four-lane road was closed in both directions. Just before 3.30 a.m., it was cleared.

“We treated 11 injured. Of those, three were seriously injured and the rest had mild to moderate injuries such as head or limb injuries,” Bothová  reported. Seven rescue resources, including a traffic inspector, were put in action. 

“The bus went off the road and hit a power line pole for as yet undetermined reasons. We are working with several versions, two of which are that the driver’s medical indisposition or a technical fault may have played a role,” said police spokesman Petr Vala.