Fiala met with Zeman: they discussed Ukraine and the pandemic law

Jiří Ovčáček

On Thursday, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) arrived in Lány to meet President Miloš Zeman. They discussed the situation in Ukraine and the signing of the Czech-Polish agreement on Turów.

The president has not yet commented on the situation, although his government has repeatedly expressed support for Ukraine and approved material aid. It will send artillery shells there.

Fiala also said that the conversation about the coronavirus pandemic implied that Zeman would sign the amendment to the pandemic law, which was approved on Wednesday.

There was no debate on the current case of the BIS report on Vrbětice, which the Castle shredded. Fiala said he “would not even want to discuss it because it is a live case where an investigation is underway.”

However, there was talk of the agreement signed today with Poland on the Turów mine, which Zeman is said to have congratulated. The agreement is essential for the communities in the border region that suffer from the operation of the Polish mine and power plant and Czech-Polish relations.

The prime minister said that this was the first political meeting, which will now be held regularly with the head of state.