For Children in the Czech Republic, One PCR Test Prior to Summer Camp is Sufficient.

On Monday, June 21st, the government decided that a week-long PCR test prior to the camp would be sufficient for children. If a child is tested by PCR when the test is valid for seven days, Adam Vojtech says that children do not need to be retested. 

Children can attend summer camp if they have:

• PCR test not older than 7 days

• confirmation of the previous covid-19 illness for the last 180 days

• vaccination certificate (must be at least 22 days after the first dose)• negative antigen tests for up to 3 days

The changes will take effect this Saturday, June 26th. From the same day, public events will also be applied to relaxed government measures. For example, the capacity of events may be five thousand people outside and two thousand people inside. In addition, up to 75 percent of the capacity can be used internally.