OVERVIEW: What Will Change From Saturday

The government has brought forward the planned rollout, which was due to take place from 1 July, by a few days. The measures in shops or restaurants will be eased this Saturday, June 26.

One person per 10 square meters.

Live music will be allowed in restaurants and clubs but no dancing.

Hairdressers, beauticians and massage therapists will no longer need to register customers.
Pools and wellness centres will increase capacity to 75 per cent.

Cultural events
From 1 July, cultural events for up to 5,000 people will be possible outside, while indoor events for 2,000 visitors will be allowed
The capacity of the hall will be able to be filled to 75 percent.
People will now also be able to consume in the auditoriums.
There will be no limit of 10 people for guided groups of visitors at castles and palaces.

Face Masks
The government will decide next week on the use of face masks instead of respirators, for example in shops or on public transport.