Kilo of Beetroot for 550 Crowns: Prague Rich Discover a New Delicacy

The search for luxury food often leads to exotic seafood and juicy steaks, but for the wealthy residents of Prague, a seemingly ordinary beetroot salad is a new delicacy. The salad, prepared by Wine Food The Italians on Strakonická Street in Prague 5, costs a staggering 550 crowns per kilogram, despite a standard price of only 25-30 crowns.

The salad is made with beetroot, red onion, garlic, and coriander, and the mixture is refreshingly delicious and exciting. We decided to try it, and while it was excellent, they couldn’t distinguish it from thousands of other salads.

This salad is quickly becoming a new delicacy for lovers of quality gastronomy. However, the prices at Wine Food The Italians are extreme, even for a luxury food store. The store sells a soup for 269 crowns (Zuppa di Pesce), a relatively small Insalata di Cesare con Pollo for 299 crowns, and meat-filled tortellini with butter sauce and Parmesan cheese for 299 crowns. Pea risotto with calamari is the most expensive item on the menu at 359 crowns.

The joint-stock company, The Italians Wine Food, was founded in 2005, and its only shareholder is The Italians Wine Food Holding SE. The company operates three stores and has dedicated its activities to Italian gastronomy. They import high-quality Italian food and wine directly from producers twice a week and offer them to end consumers in their stores.

Wine Food The Italians aims to develop a community of enthusiasts where customers, producers, and employees enjoy quality Italian cuisine and wine. However, the prices of their products may deter most Prague residents. If you love quality food and don’t mind paying a hefty sum for an unusual delicacy, you must try a piece of this beetroot. We will see if this novelty becomes a new trend for wealthy gourmets.