Fuels are getting cheaper, especially diesel

Fuel is getting cheaper in the Czech Republic. A liter of the best-selling petrol, Natural 95, is sold at petrol stations for an average of CZK 41.38, while a week ago, it was 62 cents more expensive. Diesel has become cheaper by CZK 1.50 per liter, with drivers now paying CZK 44.49 per liter on average. This is according to data from CCS, a company that monitors fuel prices.

Average fuel prices in the Czech Republic are now the lowest in the last five and a half weeks. However, despite the recent cheapening, they remain significantly more expensive than they were a year ago. In mid-November last year, petrol was CZK 4.20 cheaper, and motorists paid almost CZK 8.50 less for diesel than they do now.

Drivers in the South Bohemia region are filling up with the cheapest fuel, where a liter of gasoline costs CZK 40.76 on average. Diesel is sold there for an average of CZK 43.48.

On the other hand, the most expensive fuels are offered at pumps in Prague. A liter of petrol costs CZK 42.12 on average in the capital. Diesel is refueled in the capital for CZK 45.31 per liter.