“Zeman’s” yellow boat sails on the Vltava River

Jakub Kuneš

A yellow boat sailed down the Vltava River on Thursday, similar to the one President Miloš Zeman likes to use during his summer holidays. A poster with a black question mark floats on it.

“A question mark hovers over the castle! And with it comes the question: who will be the next Czech president? Will it be a man who does not respect the Constitution again? Will he be another populist who puts his profit before the interests of the citizens? Will we again be ruled by a bully who deliberately divides society with his statements?” reads a post published by the association on Facebook.

The association has long called for citizens to vote for a “Democrat” in the presidential election. “In the first round, support one of the Democratic candidates with a realistic chance of advancing. In the second round, keep an open mind and support the Democratic candidate who makes it through,” recommends Million Moments.

President Zeman will not personally participate in this year’s National Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy celebration. In the morning, a representative of the Office of the President of the Republic laid a bouquet with the president’s ribbon at National Avenue and Hlávka College.

At noon, an extended ceremonial changing of the Castle Guard took place in the first courtyard of Prague Castle.