Gasoline Is the Most Expensive Since June 2019

The rise in fuel costs at gas stations in the Czech Republic is continuing, though at a slower pace. Over the previous month, the price of gasoline and diesel has climbed by more than a crown per liter. The price climbed by more than 50 cents in the second week of July alone. Despite the present pause in the rise, the average price of Natural 95 has reached its highest level since early June 2019, while diesel has reached its highest level since early February.

In comparison to the same day last week, the price of Natural 95 gasoline increased by five pennies to an average of 33.70 crowns per liter on Wednesday. Diesel cost an average of 31.63 crowns a liter on Wednesday, up four pence from a week earlier. This is based on CCS data.

Drivers in the Moravian-Silesian Region currently have the cheapest gasoline, with a liter costing on average 33.38 crowns. At least in the st nad Labem Region, where the average liter costs 31.28 crowns, petrol outlets charge for diesel.

Prague continues to have the highest fuel prices. In the capital, natural 95 costs 34.32 crowns per liter on average, while diesel costs 32.27 crowns per liter.

Prices were much lower for motorists during the holidays last year. A liter of Natural 95 was around 5.60 crowns cheaper a year ago, and the average price of diesel was four crowns lower.

The price of oil increased on Wednesday. Despite the fact that US oil reserves unexpectedly rose last week, the demand picture is bleak due to an increase in covid-19 infections.

Around 4:30 p.m., North Sea Brent crude rose 3.1 percent to $ 71.48 per barrel. The price of light oil in the United States, known as West Texas Intermediate (WTI), increased 3.5 percent to $ 69.54 a barrel.