Hail, Rain And Gusty Winds. Thunderstorms Will Hit The Czech Republic With Force

Meteorologists warned of weekend storms as early as Saturday, when severe weather was visible in the Karlovy Vary, Pilsen, South Bohemia, South Moravia, Zlín and Vysočina regions.

“An undulating cold front will slowly move eastwards across central Europe. Ahead of it, warm air will flow towards us from the south. In storms, especially in the evening, there will be isolated rainfall with totals of around 80 mm, wind gusts of around 90 km/h and hail,” meteorologists said on the current forecast for Sunday evening.

As recently as Sunday morning, the meteorologists were still warning of precipitation of around 50 mm and wind gusts of around 70 km/h. Around 12 noon, however, they modified the warning, saying that the storms would be even more intense.

Watch out for hail and falling branches and trees
People must also watch out for hail, lightning and gusts of wind, and associated falls of branches and trees, according to the warning from the Czech Hydrometeorological Office. The warning is valid from 3pm on Sunday until 6am on Monday, for the whole country.

High temperatures are expected to reach 23 to 28 °C on Sunday, with up to 30 °C with prolonged reduced cloud cover, and around 22 °C at 1000 m in the mountains.

Thunderstorms are also expected from Monday to Friday.