German MPs to discuss permanent border controls with the Czech Republic on Thursday

Zinken Paul

On Thursday, the German Parliament will discuss a proposal by the conservative opposition to tightening migration policy, which includes the possibility of introducing permanent checks at the border with the Czech Republic. This was announced by a spokesman for the parliamentary faction of the conservative CDU/CSU union, the most significant opposition force in the Bundestag.

For about one hour, MPs will debate the motion entitled “Immediate end to the special approach to migration policy in Europe.” It will then likely be referred to the relevant committees for further discussion.

The CDU/CSU faction wants the Scholz government to toughen up its migration policy considerably and to “finally start taking the cries seriously for help” from the federal states and municipalities.

The Conservatives motion demands that a common migration and asylum policy be put on the agenda of the EU summit in October. Berlin should also concentrate on those states that encourage so-called illegal migration to Europe and especially to Germany, according to the CDU/CSU MEPs.

They point to Serbia as an example of such a state. Conservative lawmakers also want the EU-Turkey migration agreement to be respected. The tenth and final point in the proposal concerns possible controls on the border with the Czech Republic.