Government Approves Changes in Doctors’ Salaries

The government has approved changes in the salaries of doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. This was confirmed on Wednesday after the cabinet meeting by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL). A portion of them will move higher in the salary table.

Marian Jurečka and Health Minister Vlastimil Válek fulfilled an agreement with doctors’ representatives. “We have approved a government regulation that defines adjustments of wage classes, primarily for doctors who start working after graduation. Thus, a shift in tariff classes is taking place,” Jurečka said at a press conference.

According to the minister, Doctors who graduate and immediately start their first job will start one pay grade higher. Jurečka did not specify the exact amount of the pay increase. But according to him, it will be “a few thousand.”

At the same time, remuneration associated with the eighth grade of wage salary increases. This affects the 15th and 16th wage class, which also concerns a whole range of people in medical professions.

The wage table of doctors and dentists consists of six wage classes from 11 to 16, according to the work’s expertise, complexity, and responsibility. According to the proposed regulation, the lowest class should be abolished, and doctors would start in the 12th class.

The wage tariff of a doctor after school is currently 38,980 crowns per month. From January, it will be 41,380 to 57,130 crowns per month, depending on the practice achieved.