He and His Partner Were Simply Holding Hands. They Were Badly Beaten in the Centre of Prague

On Saturday night, a group of young men attacked three men on Rašínově nábřeží. According to the victims, it was because two of them were holding hands. Police are investigating the case. Police spokesman, Jan Rybanský, declined to comment on whether the attack on the men was due to their sexual orientation.

He declined to comment on whether the attack occurred because the two men were holding hands, as Jakub Starý, the editor-in-chief of Lui magazine, claims.

“We were walking along Náplavka Street, my partner and I were holding hands. A group of young boys walked towards us and started making indiscriminate remarks like “you faggots, you f*cking faggots”. Since, I admit, I was under the influence of alcohol, I reacted verbally. The conflict then escalated until a fight broke out. He pushed me, I pushed him. And then it started to escalate. It was chaotic and I don’t remember the details. At one point, fists were flying at my head from all sides,” he told iDNES.cz.