Hungarian petrol stations are already starting to resist raids by Slovak drivers

Hungarian petrol stations are starting to resist raids by Slovak drivers who fill up their tanks because of the lower fuel prices in the neighboring country. Around 100 petrol stations have already restricted refueling at regulated prices.

Slovaks save up to nine euros (CZK 220) on a full tank. “Everyone who fills up today increases my loss,” the owner of a petrol station in Komárom said.

“Orbán came up with the idea of capping fuel prices because of the parliamentary elections in April. It will come as an even bigger shock to drivers when the regulation ends at mid-May and prices jump hugely,” warn petrol station operators.

Hungary has extended fuel price regulation until May 15, 2022. The government has capped the price of 95-octane petrol and diesel at 480 forints (CZK 33).

Petrol station operators warn that they will not cope as it will come at their expense. Experts point out that the actual price of a liter of petrol should currently reach 520 to 540 forints (35.73 to 37.10 crowns).