In Prague, considerable number of people switched to cars

Prague’s public transport is used by about 200,000 to 300,000 fewer passengers per day than before the covid-19 pandemic. The biggest drop is registered in the metro, which is now used by 814,000 people per day instead of the former 1.13 million. Some of the missing passengers are tourists who do not come to Prague, and some people have switched to cars. This is according to a document prepared for the municipality by the Ropid organization.

Although the number of passengers is growing slightly, it still does not reach the level before the pandemic. Although the metro has seen the greatest drop in passengers compared to normal, with 28% fewer passengers, people in the capital use buses the least. In their case, the number of trips per day has decreased by 27%, from 1.015 million to 737,000. In contrast, trams are the most used, carrying 907,000 people a day, down 18 percent from the pre-Covid era.

In June, 23 to 41% fewer people used public transportation daily than before the pandemic. Even then, the biggest drop was recorded on the metro, where there were up to 41 percent fewer passengers compared to normal.

Prague’s public transport was used by about 40 percent fewer passengers last year due to the covid pandemic. The biggest drop was recorded in the metro, which carried about 200,000 passengers a day during the first wave of the pandemic.