European Heritage Days opened gates of hundreds of monuments

In the Czech Republic, more than seven-hundred monuments joined this year’s European Heritage Days. Over 50 countries of the European Cultural Convention take part in the pan-European event each year, and its mission is to promote historical heritage. Every September, gates of the most interesting monuments, buildings, objects, and spaces are opened.

The national launch of the European Heritage Days took place on Friday in Uherské Hradiště, the program will run until 19 September, and the national theme is Monuments for All.

746 objects or places entered this year, more than two hundred are from sacred architecture or urban architecture. Sixty castles and chateaus and eighty museums and other collecting institutions are also registered.

In the Czech Republic, it is not only historical monuments that are officially declared cultural monuments, but also dozens of private and public buildings, such as town halls, courts, religious institutions, schools, residential buildings, which are not open to the public at all or only occasionally and partially.

People can also visit archaeological monuments, military fortresses, spa architecture, or technical monuments such as power stations, locks, breweries, lookout towers, windmills, and sewage treatment plants. 

All open sites can be found on the Association of Historic Settlements of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, the umbrella organization for European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic. The most extensive offer, 124 accessible sites, is in the Central Bohemia Region.

The roots of the event date back to the mid-1980s and EHD has been held The regularly in the Czech Republic since 1991.