In Prague, the Tram Model T6A5 Has Come to an End.

Source: DPP

In Prague, the T6A5 trams are being phased out. The last trip of the legendary square tram was on June 19th. Trams of this type were based on the 1960s’ iconic T3 model.

The T6A5 tram train, which has been in service since 1995, is built for both passengers and drivers. On the trams inside, there were multiple seats as well as buttons to open the door.

In the 1990s, the Prague Transport Company (DPP) got the first of 150 T6A5 trams. Passengers noticed a more modern atmosphere with soft seats. The heating mechanism has also been modified; instead of heating the seats like the T3 model, a heating system was installed on the floor.

Tram T6A5 debuted in Bratislava and Kosice in 1991 and 1992, respectively, before arriving in Prague. In 1994, the Ostrava transport company was the first in the Czech Republic, who purchased this type of transport. Brno was the fifth city to purchase these trams.  In the spring of 2019, 30 T6A5 trams were in service on Prague’s streets.