In South Bohemia, people woke up to a frosty morning. It was -13 degrees Celsius in Šumava

Ondřej Kořínek

Temperatures dropped below minus 10 degrees in some places in southern Bohemia on Wednesday morning. Meteorologists measured the lowest value at Jezerní slať in the Šumava region of Prachatice, where it was minus 13 degrees Celsius. Daniel Maňhal from the Czech Meteorological Institute in České Budějovice informed about it. It was the first frosty morning of the second half of this year.

“These are not extreme values for the second half of November. If it clears up at night, we expect similar temperatures in the coming days, “he said. It was also significantly colder on Wednesday in Hliništi na Prachaticku region or Pohoří in the Šumava region in the Novohrad mountains. Meteorologists measured around minus 10 degrees Celsius in both places.

Maňhal said that the daytime temperatures would be slightly above zero in the next few days, and at night it will be freezing. “It could even snow on Friday, but the forecast is still changing in this regard,” he said.