Christmas holidays should be extended

The parties in the future coalition want to minimize the impact of the epidemic on children. According to Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09), a candidate for health minister, children are the last group whose lives should be restricted. However, the future government has announced that it will propose extending the Christmas holiday. They should start as early as Monday, December 20.

“Any interference in education is something that future generations will pay for,” he reminded Válek.

Petr Fiala (ODS), a candidate for prime minister, added in this context that the parties have pledged not to close schools across the board. “We must not allow COVID to take away our children,” Fiala said.

The materials for journalists stated that the Christmas holidays should be extended, and instead of Thursday, December 23, they should start from Monday, December 20.  Children would then go to school for the last time this year on Friday, December 17.

Children would be tested regularly every Monday, so that whole classes would not have to be quarantined.

For the time being, the testing requirement is in place until February.