Increased demand in vacations abroad as more people get vaccinated

Kseniia Zhuikova

With the rapid growth in the number of vaccinations against covid-19, there is also growing interest in summer vacations abroad. Tourism experts estimate that about half of the inhabitants will stay in the Czech Republic for vacation, the other half will go abroad. Because of vaccinations, people are aware that they are protected to a certain extent, thus more confident to travel for vacation.

Travel agencies say that there are many expensive hotels currently with discounts, as well as full all-inclusive programs. People also want to be rewarded for the past year, so they spend more time for the holidays than usual and choose four- and five-star hotels. According to various travel agencies, 50% of their customers are those with vouchers from last year, and the other half are new customers.

Travel agencies have set new conditions for their clients. Each purchased trip can be canceled and fully refunded by the client thirty days before departure without giving any reason.