Czech Consulate in Moscow resumed work partially

The Czech consulate in Moscow has partly reopened. Only approved long-term visas and the applications that had been sent between April 19 and April 29 are currently being carried out. The corresponding message was posted on the Czech Embassy’s official website.

The registration of new applicants for long-term visas and residency permits has been halted. It is yet unknown when the consulate will resume its normal schedule.

The consular department in Moscow was shut down on April 19 due to a diplomatic scandal in which Russia declared 20 Czech embassy employees persona non grata.

The scandal will not be discussed at the Czech consulates in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. They performed as usual and continue to do so. However, owing to the near-term depletion of quotas, the approval of applications for long-term visas has been temporarily halted there as well. Family reunification registration is still open. In a month, they promise to renew registration for all forms of visas.