It’s Absurd, There Are Amateurs At The Ministry of Health, Says Zaorálek.

The planned Monday loosening of restrictions has been described as absurd by Culture Minister Lubomir Zaorálek (SSD). He criticizes the fact that, while people will be able to drink in restaurants from the morning, they will only be able to attend theaters and concerts while wearing a respirator. The consumption of alcohol and food is then prohibited in the auditoriums. According to Zaorálek, the Ministry of Health is acting in an amateurish manner.

“How is it possible that people will be able to drink in restaurants and pubs from the morning without any test, while people who go to theatres and concerts at the same time have to have a respirator and a test done by a professional health worker?” the minister wrote on Facebook on Friday.

He’s also upset that visitors won’t be able to get a cup of coffee, let alone a beer or a drink, at the venue. “The uniform system of relaxation rules has been violated,” he said.

“I consider this to be an absolutely absurd, indefensible, and, above all, unacceptable result of the Ministry of Health’s legislative amateurism.

The restaurant will then be able to seat as many people as there are seats available, but only four people will be permitted to sit at a table.

Concerts or theaters can then only fill 50% of the seating, but the maximum number of people that can congregate outside is 1,000 and 500 inside. Respirators or “similar” protective gear are also required. It is also forbidden to eat or drink.