It’s Time For A Prosecco! Mark The Date For Next Weekend

If you are looking for something to do over the weekend of 04. – 06.06.21, then we have a perfect plan for you…… and it includes a glass of prosecco.

The company MyFest has held the Prosecco & Wine festival all over Prague over the last few years. “Prosecco is trendy, prosecco is a lifestyle, prosecco is fun, we are now traveling all over the Czech Republic with the festival. We have waited for restrictions to be lifted to be able to at least hold some kind of an event.” says Martin Muron, owner of MyFest.

Next weekend, the Prosecco Festival will turn into a 3 day “prosecco market” where you can try multiple brands as well as some street food. The usual festival holds full day programs with various live shows and bands, but with restrictions the program will be limited. The event takes place at Pražská tržnice – from Friday – Sunday 04. – 06.06.21

You can find the Facebook event here –