Janeček: It’s going to get radicalized

Petr Hloušek

The protest in front of the House of Commons against the adoption of the pandemic law is expected to continue on Wednesday. Representative of Chcípl PES, Jiří Janeček, described Tuesday’s action, which was attended by hundreds of people, as a “raised a finger for the parliament” and warned that the protests could radicalize if the norm is approved.

“We are moving on!” the association posted on Facebook this morning, adding that the protest action would continue from 10:30 am on Wednesday.

Demonstrators have been at the site repeatedly in recent days. Hundreds arrived on Tuesday, with the largest gathering of around 1,500. As before, they brought mock gallows. A police officer was also injured during the protest, and several people were detained.

At the same time, they made no secret that if the pandemic law is approved, they will continue to protest. We still have the opportunity to fight against it. The law will have to go to a third reading, then to the Senate, and I am worried that it will become radicalized. The closer it gets, the more we will have to use much more sophisticated methods,” warned Jiří Janeček of the Chcípl PES initiative.

“This is still a warning, and a raised finger for parliament. Today we showed them that we are capable of recalling several hundred, maybe a thousand, vehicles from all over the Czech Republic in two days, ” Janeček said.