KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 approved the coalition agreement

Jan Handrejch, Právo

The leadership of the People’s Democrats and TOP 09 approved the coalition agreement and the program of the upcoming government coalition on Friday afternoon. The agreement was already authorized yesterday by the ODS and STAN leadership, with only the Pirates remaining to do the same on Monday. 

The People’s Party will have the leadership of the Agriculture Ministry, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of the Environment. 

Party chairman Marian Jurečka said that the party had achieved a good deal. He will head the Agriculture Ministry, while Senator Šárka Jelínková will head the Labour Ministry. According to the chairman, his priority will be to defend the interests of those who are falling through the social network. Petr Hladík, deputy mayor of Brno, is expected to head the environment ministry.

Marek Výborný, the party’s parliamentary club head, added that the party wants JJan Bartošek, who has previously served in the lower chamber’s leadership, as deputy speaker.

TOP 09 chairwoman Markéta Pekarová Adamová said the party should take over the health and science ministries. Initially, there were speculations about the Ministry of Culture too. The party also wants to nominate its leader to become the speaker of the lower house.

Below is the expected distribution of the ministries between the coalition parties and the upcoming ministers.


Prime Minister Petr Fiala

Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura

Ministry of Defence Jana Černochová

Ministry of Transport Martin Kupka

Ministry of Justice Pavel Blažek

Ministry of Culture ?


Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Šárka Jelínková

Ministry of Agriculture Marian Jurečka

Ministry of the Environment Petr Hladík

TOP 09

Ministry of Health Vlastimil Válek

Ministry of Science ?


Ministry of the Interior Vít Rakušan

Ministry of Industry and Trade Věslav Michalik

Ministry of Education Petr Gazdík

Ministry of European Affairs ?


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský

Ministry of Regional Development Ivan Bartoš

Minister for Legislation ?